Team Coaches & Directors

  • Gabe Conner
    Gabe Conner owner/men’s & women’s team coach
  • Adam Jacobs
    Adam Jacobs owner/men’s team coach
  • Emily Schoenwald
    Emily Schoenwald General Manager
  • Leonid Matsyuk
    Leonid Matsyuk women's head coach
  • Carolyn Taylor
    Carolyn Taylor Women’s Program Director & Team Coach
  • Kari Poole
    Kari Poole Women’s Team Coach
  • Aleysa Gurlov
    Aleysa Gurlov Women’s Team Coach
  • Whitney Ulrich
    Whitney Ulrich Women’s Team Coach
  • Kayla Moulder
    Kayla Moulder Women’s Team Coach
  • Hugh Smith
    Hugh Smith Men’s Team Coach
  • Jacob Bone
    Jacob Bone Men’s Team Coach
  • Kyra Smith
    Kyra Smith Recreation Director
  • Cynthia Matsyuk
    Cynthia Matsyuk Floor Manager

Recreation Coaches

  • Mimi Carey
    Mimi Carey
  • Brandon Croft
    Brandon Croft
  • Cecilee Day
    Cecilee Day
  • CJ Gobles
    CJ Gobles
  • Jacob Hanks
    Jacob Hanks
  • Patrick Hoopes
    Patrick Hoopes
  • Lilly Jones
    Lilly Jones
  • Lyndsey Jones
    Lyndsey Jones
  • Emily Love
    Emily Love
  • Isabella Mcgowen
    Isabella Mcgowen
  • Toby McMurray
    Toby McMurray
  • Chanelle Millburn
    Chanelle Millburn
  • Jack Mismash
    Jack Mismash
  • Chase Nielsen
    Chase Nielsen
  • Tenille Palmer
    Tenille Palmer
  • Megan Schonewald
    Megan Schonewald
  • Brinna Singley
    Brinna Singley
  • Maia Spilman
    Maia Spilman
  • William Watkins
    William Watkins
  • Lauren Wong
    Lauren Wong
  • Andres Bosteels
    Andres Bosteels

Office Staff

  • Bethany Frank
    Bethany Frank Office Manager
  • Patty Jarvis
    Patty Jarvis Office Staff
  • Allysha Kennedy
    Allysha Kennedy Office Staff
  • Gina McGowen
    Gina McGowen Office Staff
  • Traci Aragon
    Traci Aragon Janitor
  • Keri Gould
    Keri Gould Janitor
  • Stacie Durrans
    Stacie Durrans Janitor
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